Full family tree showing husbands and wives, brothers

and sisters of each generation.

Drop-line  family tree showing husbands and wives of each generation with heraldry added.


Distaff or female line with floral border.
There are various borders to choose from.

Simple family trees, from normally easily accessible information, make interesting and unusual gifts.

Birth brief:  Showing the name of the baby, brothers and sisters,                      their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Grandparents:  Showing the names of the grandparents, their                            children and grand children. An ideal gift for a                            golden or silver wedding.

BabyBirthbriefComplete.png BabyBirthbriefInsert.png

Full family tree with heraldry added.

A full range of Scottish Clan badges is available.

A birth brief with Scottish Clan badges added.

(Clan birth brief.)

semplecomplete.png Cameroncomplete.png FAMILY TREES

Pedigrees can be supplied as high quality pdf files for your own printer to reproduce or printed on the highest quality art paper with inks which, the manufacture attests, are light fast for a hundred years.

Please email to make a telephone appointment to discuss your family tree. If you are sending copy please do not send original material as documents can get lost in the post.

Family trees produced digitally have certain advantages. They retain the look of conventional calligraphy, but are less expensive to produce. It is also comparatively easy to add heraldry and photographs, floral borders, etc. Unlike conventional pedigrees extra copies can be printed and in the case of drop-line charts the main name in the heading can be changed for that of a brother or sister and then reprinted.

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Full family tree showing husbands and wives, brothers

and sisters of each generation with family photographs added.