I have worked in the graphic arts all my adult life, both as an artist and in photo reprographic departments.

For the last twenty four years I have worked as a Calligrapher and Heraldic Artist in the Court of the Lord Lyon.

A Craft Member of the Society of Heraldic Arts.

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I produce artwork using both conventional and digital methods and I have also converted my conventional calligraphy into digital calligraphy.

Each piece of digital artwork created for you, the client, is unique.
Therefore it is important that we discuss your requirements either by email or by telephone. (It is also possible to meet me in the Lyon Office by appointment.)

If we are in contact by telephone I ask you to email for a telephone appointment.
This insures that I can concentrate on your project without interruptions.

When emailing for an appointment give me a time (GMT if possible) when it would suite you and I shall try and accommodate.

If you are sending documents by post please make sure you send photocopies.
 Do not send originals as the may get lost.